Woman makes simple air fryer bread using just one ingredient that costs £1.30

Woman makes simple air fryer bread using just one ingredient that costs £1.30

The recipe couldn’t be simpler to follow, and it yields a deliciously soft and fluffy loaf.
A lady has released an useful TikTok demonstrating how you can create a loaf of bread in the air fryer with only one ingredient costing £1.30.
Owing to the continuous cost of living problem, many people are turning to air fryers for cooking as an alternative to the oven. There are numerous of things that you can create in them, ranging from frozen foods to baked potatoes and even boiled eggs.
Creating your own meals from scratch is also a wonderful strategy to counteract increasing food costs since it’s typically cheaper than purchasing items pre-made. Now, one lady has shown that you can also use the air fryer to create a loaf of bread – something that many people were unaware of.
The Mirror claims that the video was published . who routinely makes informative and intriguing vids demonstrating all the bizarre and amazing things that you can cook with the kitchen appliance.


Her latest video on the bread hack has picked up over 23,000 views because to its simplicity and cost, and many indicated they were anxious to try it themselves.

She captioned the video: “Air fryer bread, hell yes”, followed by a hands-in-the-air emoji, then illustrated precisely how to accomplish it.

In the tape, she said that all she used was a Marks & Spencer seeded bread mix, which cost £1.30. She put it into a dish, added water, and then stirred it all together.

She then kneaded the dough on a level surface into a ball, and allowed it to proof.

Some oil was then added into the air fryer drawer, and the bread was placed within it. When the handmade bread was pulled out, it looked much like the type of stuff you’d get in the bakery area at a supermarket – steam could be seen rising off it as it was that fresh.

She then poured some butter on top of the bread, allowing it to soak in, then sprinkled honey over the top.
Many were amazed at how inexpensive it was to create your own bread in the air fryer, and how excellent the results were.

“It looks goooood”, one complimented.