How To Use Oil In Air Fryer And The Best Oils To Use

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on choosing the best oil for air frying. We understand that you’re on a quest to make your favorite fried foods healthier without compromising on taste, and we’re here to help you achieve just that.

In this article, we will delve into the world of air frying, the different types of oils suitable for this cooking method, and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed choice.

Understanding the Basics of Air Frying

Before we dive into the specifics of selecting the ideal oil, it’s essential to understand what air frying is all about. Air frying is a cooking technique that uses hot air to cook food, producing crispy results similar to traditional deep frying but with significantly less oil.

This method not only reduces the amount of oil used but also lowers the calorie content of your favorite dishes, making it a healthier alternative.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Oil

Selecting the right oil for air frying is crucial as it directly impacts the taste, texture, and overall healthiness of your meals.

The choice of oil can significantly influence the cooking process and the end result, and it’s essential to pick one that suits your culinary needs.

Comparing Different Types of Oils

1. Canola Oil

Canola oil is a popular choice for air frying due to its high smoke point, which means it can withstand high temperatures without breaking down and producing harmful fumes. It imparts a neutral flavor to your dishes, allowing the natural flavors of your food to shine.

2. Olive Oil

Olive oil, especially extra virgin olive oil, is known for its health benefits and rich, fruity flavor. It’s ideal for air frying at lower temperatures, as it has a lower smoke point than canola oil. When used in moderation, it can enhance the taste of your dishes.

3. Peanut Oil

Peanut oil is another excellent option for air frying. It has a high smoke point, which makes it suitable for frying at high temperatures. It adds a subtle nutty flavor to your food, making it perfect for dishes like fried chicken and french fries.

4. Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is well-regarded for its high smoke point and mild, buttery taste. It’s a versatile oil that can be used for air frying a wide range of foods, from vegetables to seafood.

5. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a unique choice, as it solidifies at room temperature but can be melted for air frying. It adds a hint of coconut flavor to your dishes and is a good option for recipes that pair well with its taste.

Making the Right Choice

The best oil for air frying depends on the specific recipe and your personal preferences. It’s essential to consider factors such as smoke point, flavor, and the nutritional benefits of the oil.

In most cases, oils with high smoke points, like canola and peanut oil, are great all-purpose choices. However, don’t hesitate to experiment with different oils to discover the flavors you enjoy the most.


In summary, the choice of oil for air frying is a crucial aspect of achieving the perfect balance between health and flavor.

By understanding the characteristics of different oils and considering your culinary requirements, you can make informed decisions that enhance your air frying experience. We hope this guide has been valuable in helping you select the best oil for your next air frying adventure.

Make sure to check out our other articles for more tips and tricks on mastering the art of air frying. Happy cooking!