Easy Air Fryer Green Beans: Crisp & Tender!

These easy air fryer green beans are so tender and tasty, they will make a great side dish, even on busy weeknights.

There comes a point when I’m just trying to find a simple way to get more fresh veggies into my face. 

And I even love vegetables, I do; most of them, anyway, especially fresh green beans.

The best green beans can really be seasoned any way you want, and in the air fryer, the dry heat creates a french fries sort of appeal—but still a healthy side dish that the whole family will like.

A conventional oven can do it, too, but it heats up the house and takes a lot of energy, so I try to do the same thing in my air fryer to save a little time, heat, and electricity. 

And since there’s just two or three of us here at any given point, our air fryer basket full of crispy green beans offers an opportunity to get JUST ENOUGH string beans for in a single meal.  

I will say, these don’t make good leftover green beans, and they lose their appeal once they get cold, so plan the cook time accordingly, so it’s the last part of the meal you make and you’ll have tender green beans at the ready.

This tasty side dish calls for lemon juice, which are best squozen from lemon wedges, but let’s be real: a bit from a squeeze bottle won’t hurt anything. It’s green beans, not halibut.