Easy Air Fryer Bananas Recipe

Air fryer bananas? Why mess with perfection, right?

I tend to agree, but it turns out these make a wonderful dessert or snack with just a couple more simple ingredients. 

If you’re looking for whole foods that you can transform into a family-friendly snack, or a rather decadent yet simple topping for all kinds of breakfast items, this air fryer bananas recipe is about to be your go-to.

So I kind of surprised myself with this one. 

My first attempt turned out a mushy blob of caramelized bananas. 

I realized that I needed much larger pieces of sweet banana for this recipe. 

Air fryer recipes continue to be one of my favorite kitchen appliances because I can whip up all kinds of snacks from fresh or frozen foods. 

That said, this quick recipe could really use an air fryer liner made of parchment paper in the air fryer basket to help with cleanup. 

Bananas are sticky and gooey when heated because of their high sugar content. 

So why not make it that much easier on yourself (just this one time).

The air fryer liners make a great way to keep this a fast and easy snack.

If you already love bananas, you may not want to do a single thing to them, but this is basically a simple bananas foster with brown sugar (or coconut sugar) to make in a snap.

Get ready to surprise yourself, too. It’s a perfect treat that goes with so many delicious foods.

You’ll satisfy a sweet tooth or two with this quick snack.