7 Warning Signs of Type 2 Diabetes You Shouldn’t Ignore

This is always a surprising situation for most people around, who just go for regular check up to the doctor and end up knowing that they are suffering from one of the most common disease “diabetes” or “pre diabetes” condition. Even your doctor keep on warning you for the diabetes before or give you the idea that all such symptoms may lead to such terrible non ending disease. This thing is also so common that even if you are paying a lot of your attention on your body still it wouldn’t be an astonishing outcome that you are one of the victims of diabetes.

Here are listed some highly observed warning signs of diabetes.

1. Need of Water

Your body remains dehydrated and you always feel a need of water. Your mouth and lips dry out and you feel like drinking a huge amount of water all the time. Dehydration is linked with your brain instead of your mouth. It is that even your mouth is dry and you don’t get any message from your brain you will never want the water.

The brain cells always need a regular transfer of glucose beside the other part of your bodies. So; the system is followed as if your brain is overly concentrated with sugar water, it will order the supply of fluid from any other form to get diluted unease fluid surrounding each cell. In this way, your brain gets the water supply from other cells and leads towards the dehydration. This is the reason your body want to acquire more and more water.

Most of the people have this misunderstanding that if you take soda you will remain hydrated. While soda is one of dangerous intake. So, if you feel the dehydrated most of the time, it means you need to get a checkup for diabetes.

2. Trips to the bathroom

When you are taking a large amount of water supply in your body, then this is so sure that you need to urine. This also one of the alarming situations, which you need to take seriously because there is too much sugar in the blood vessel.

All the water you take in will fill up your bladder and give you the feeling to pee. After which you feel thirsty and dehydrated again. This process of dehydration and hydration continue. Kidneys in this way release the excess amount of glucose from your body. And if the kidney can’t filter the waste properly, it means it is collecting toxins in your blood vessels. This condition can also damage the kidney on major level.

3. Weakness and Fatigue

Sometimes you didn’t work out much and still your body is tired and exhausted, and you will never realize that this is cause of your diabetes which you are carrying inside. The actual problem lies here is that you can’t consume the glucose from your meals, the glucose is not readily enter into your cells. From all this less consumption of glucose and energy turn you weak and lazy.

As you don’t gain energy from your meal, you still feel hungry after a while again. Here goes one more vital sign of diabetes. You should focus on each and every little aspect of your health and its related issues.

4. Lose Weight

When you are suffering from diabetes, you start losing the weight in a specific pattern without any efforts of losing weight.

If you are losing the weight, even you are taking proper meals and food then it is one of the alarming condition. This kind of weight loss causes you to lose muscle mass. It happens in the part of the body which is looking for some energy and it breaks down the muscles of the cells. This is one of the clear symptoms of fatal diabetes.

5. Vision Disorder

In the case, if the blood levels increase high, it will drain all the fluid from all over body tissues. This also include your fluid from your eyes lenses, which will affect your vision. It will damage the tiny little capillaries of your eyes.

6. Skin Problems

This type of symptom is not in every case of diabetes .In some cases, of diabetes have dark patches on their skin especially in the folds of the body like their appear on neck, armpit, groin and knuckles. This causes a bad look to your body and also causes itching. It is called “acanthosis nigricans” which means insulin resistance.

It indicates that your body is producing more insulin than needed as compare to the blood glucose.

7. Infections

Diabetes can cause different kind of infections in different areas of your body. Women common infection cause by diabetes is vaginal infections and bladder infection.

Even taking antibiotics won’t heal the infection. Antibiotics lack the ability to defend against the germs and weaken our immune system.

It is more difficult for diabetes patients to deal with the infections and it won’t heal up that easily as it recover in non diabetes people. Better option is that you prevent yourself from be infected instead of trying to recover from it.

We must consider each and every little change of our body and health seriously before it turn out to be a serve damage to us.