7 Easy Steps to Get Your Baby to Sleep Longer (at night & naptime)

“Am I ever going to sleep through the night again?”

Hi + welcome to life with a baby!

One of the biggest struggles new parents face is, in fact, baby sleep. Having a baby is a beautiful,

joyful experience. Bringing new life into this world is like nothing else.

But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

Between the sleepless nights, extreme sleep deprivation, and lack of feeling like oneself,

having a baby doesn’t always feel fun

Some days it might feel flat out overwhelming. Some nights you might feel like you

don’t even like being a mom.

(While having a baby who sleeps through the night would be AWESOME,

right now that might feel like an impossible task. So, let’s start with learning

how to get your baby to sleep longer at night and during naps.

Maybe not through the night just yet – but at least a bit longer.)

One of the most challenging things new parents face is baby sleep, so I’ve gone ahead and tackled

the big baby sleep question, “when will my baby sleep longer?”.

My hopes are that through this post you’ll learn everything about how to get your baby to sleep longer at night,

at what age/weight it’s okay for your baby to sleep through the night, and how you can make sleep

easier on both you and your baby.

For the first few months of my son’s life, I found myself wondering “when will my baby sleep longer?”

. I read all the articles, books, and posts on baby sleep but we still struggled with it.

I talked to people who were claimed to be “baby sleep experts” and learned all their tricks,

the tips they gave me made sense and sounded logical, but when I went to implement them on MY

son, they didn’t work at all.

I was drowning in hopelessness and stuck wondering if I, as a new mom, would ever get

a good night’s sleep again.On top of my baby being an awful sleeper, just a couple short weeks

after being born he got colic, and just like that our worlds got even more confusing.

My husband and I didn’t know what we were doing wrong that was causing our baby not to sleep,

and now all of the sudden we had an inconsolable baby who refused to be comforted.

Even though we swore we would never do it, shortly after our son got colic we started co-sleeping.

We didn’t want to co-sleep, but we decided that our sleep was more important than what we

thought we did or didn’t want (before we became parents), and once we started co-sleeping,

we were finally able to get about 2 hour stretches of sleep every night, rather than 45 minutes

to an hour at a time. That extra hour felt GLORIOUS.

But, eventually, that extra hour didn’t feel so glorious. We were still sleep-deprived,

and only sleeping for 2-hour stints at night, then waking up for an hour or more,

didn’t leave us feeling refreshed like we hoped it would.

And that’s when I started diving even deeper into baby sleep. I was serious about getting serious about it this time.

We haven’t solved all of our sleep problems, but they are getting better.

Baby boy is starting to sleep longer stretches at night and we’re feeling better and better each day.

If you’re an exhausted mom who is sleep deprived thinking you’ll never sleep again,

read on to learn the best baby sleep tips to help you learn how to get your baby to sleep at night.